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Five Tips for Tennis Doubles

It feels like every day is a day to be outside in Amelia Island. For those looking to improve your tennis game, director of tennis for the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School at Omni Amelia Island Plantation, Sal Barbaro, has prepared five tips for tennis doubles!  Check out the tips below plus a video on improving your backhand slice!

Five Tips for Tennis  Doubles:

1) Hit down the middle

I have heard thousands of pros say this and it is something worth listening to.  Hitting up the middle will reduce errors in the net, confuse your opponents, and stop them from hitting sharp angles.

2)  Serve with spin and you guessed it…up the middle

Power can certainly be a weapon but sometimes it will go against you.  Your percentages drop and the ball will come back faster giving you and your partner less time to react to the return.  Practice accurate spin serves towards the middle.  This forces your opponent to move to the ball and gets your partner more involved.

3)  LOB!!!

The overhead is a shot that most players don’t really have confidence in.  I see it time and time again, players are either over hitting or are too scared to hit it.  This shot will buy you more time when on defense and frustrate your opponents (We have all been there!).

4)  Know where to hit your volleys

When hitting low volleys or defensive volleys, hit to the person furthest away from you.  If you have the high volley or offensive volley, be aggressive and hit to the person closest to you (preferably at the feet).

5)  Power isn't always the answer, use finesse and angles

If you have a team at the baseline, they will thrive from your power.  These types of teams thrive on players hitting hard shots back to them that they just block and get back.  Don’t hit the ball back to them, make them move!  Use soft shots and angles to break up their formation and frustrate them!

Now that you've mastered the tips for tennis doubles, improve your backhand tennis slice by watching this great tennis tip video by Sal!

To learn more about our dynamic adult and junior programs at the Cliff Drysdale School of Tennis at the Omni Amelia Island plantation visit https://www.omnihotels.com/hotels/amelia-island-plantation/tennis.

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