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Your Guide to All Things Golf on Oak Marsh

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Follow these tips from our Director of Golf Mike Block.

So you're getting into the swing of things again, or perhaps you're picking up clubs for the first time to hit the greens. Either way, a great place to start is the basics. From everything involving your technique and etiquette to general rules of the game, Omni Amelia Island Director of Golf, Mike Block, easily outlines a cheat sheet for players of all levels.

1. How should you determine which set of tees on the tee box to use?

Oak Marsh is not your typical long golf course, however it does require accuracy and precision. Do not let the yardages fool you when you are selecting a tee box to play from. Our advice when selecting a tee box is if you are a 10 handicap or below, play from the tips (gold), 11-20 move up to the blues. 21 or higher move to the white. However, play from the tees that give you the most enjoyment, but still a challenge.

2. What's your golden rule when it comes to golf etiquette?

Fix your divots in the fairways and ball marks on the greens. Do your best to leave the golf course in the same if not better condition then you found it. All golfers will appreciate you for this.

3. When should golfers yell “fore”, if ever at all?

Yelling fore is to warn another golfer or golfers that they could be hit by your shot. If there is even a small chance that you may hit someone it is better to error on the safe side.

4. What should I keep in mind to have a good stance when I swing?

Balance. Your stance is the foundation to your golf swing. Always ensure that you are giving yourself a firm foundation to make a good swing.

5. How can I improve my accuracy?

There are many ways to improve your accuracy, but the simplest is to always check your fundamentals of your setup. Are you gripping the club correctly? How is your posture and stance? Last but not least, how is your alignment? Start with the fundamentals of your setup and you are half way home.

Check out Tony Leodora, host of The Traveling Golfer as he enjoys a challenging day with Mike on our Oak Marsh golf course. To book a tee time on this amazing course call (904) 277-5907.

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